UPDATE: Slayer Support, East Coast Division

UPDATE: Slayer Support, East Coast Division

Our reach has increased and we now have a short list of reliable service partners and resellers to share with you near and all around New York City! Just to name a few:

Apes & Peacocks

BQE Repair


Liemco Ltd.

& many more!

For a detailed list of our current service providers in New York, across the Americas or internationally please contact us, sales@slayerespresso.com.  Our qualified team of experts are ready and able to get you connected with support.

Looking to resell or service a Slayer espresso machine? We host and travel to teach our classes montly. For details on our class schedule, available chairs in Seattle or opportunities near you please contact, sales@slayerespresso.com

The growing Slayer technical support team has expanded its reach with phone, video and email support. These superheroes are able and prepared to troubleshoot toward resolution, prepare parts orders and guide you through repairs. Needing parts, manuals or technical guidance? Contact, support@slayerespresso.com

We look forward to connecting with you, cheers!

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