Tech Tips & Tricks: Backflushing

Tech Tips & Tricks: Backflushing

Follow these simple steps daily to keep a clean machine:

1. Remove portafilter.

2. Using a flat-head screwdriver remove the group diffuser screw and screen.

3. Using a flat-head screwdriver or back of a spoon, pop the portafilter baskets out.

4. Soak the diffuser screen, screw, and portafilter baskets in hot water with a ½ tsp. of Slayer Cleaner. Use the hot water from the machine.

5. Insert blind portafilter basket into portafilter.

6. Put a ½ tsp. of Slayer Cleaner in the blind portafilter, dissolve with hot water from the tap.

7. Insert blind portafilter into the group head with the dissolved Slayer Cleaner solution.

8. Turn the group head to the ON position for 10 seconds. Turn the actuator back to the OFF position and pause for five seconds. REPEAT the cycle five times and as needed until the water coming from the group is free of coffee grounds and oil.

9. Remove portafilter and turn the actuator ON, flushing the group for 30 seconds.

10. With a wet towel wipe around the portafilter gasket in the group head.

11. Repeat steps 7 and 8 without Slayer Cleaner during shifts to remove dirty flavors (clean water backflush).

12. Rinse your parts that were soaking in Slayer Cleaner with fresh warm water.

 13. Replace group screen and screw, replace portafilter basket and insert portafilter into the group head. Repeat steps for each group.

14. If using Slayer Steam models, the heads up Barista Dashboard has an automated cleaning cycle.  Simply turn the adjustment knob counterclockwise scrolling to either Fast (for a clean water flush) or Full Clean (with Slayer Cleaner), choose to clean ALL groups or select individually.

15. Do a quick happy dance. You are now a backflushing badass. Congratulations!


As always if you have questions or need assistance you can email

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