Slayer In The Wild | Featuring Boku Art Gallery

Slayer In The Wild | Featuring Boku Art Gallery

Photo courtesy: Stay Boku

There are numerous Slayer’s all over the world pulling delicious shots of espresso. We asked them a few questions to get to know their wild ways!

This week we spoke with:

Ryan Fitzgerald, Founder of Boku Art Gallery

Boku is an experience disguised in a private residence. The evening begins by featuring emerging artists in their gallery, proceeds to dinner in their underground restaurant, and ends with the espresso made on a Slayer Single group. It’s unique, it’s delicious, and yes, it’s epic.


Location: Nobody knows. Okay well some people do (it’s in Philadelphia, PA, USA), but get this: they email you the exact location 24 hours  prior  to the event  you are attending.


See Video and Slayer product in action at Boku Art Gallery –


For starters, can you tell me a bit about Boku Art Gallery?

Boku is an art gallery with complimentary food and coffee program.  The food is free, the experience is not.


What’s different about Boku Art Gallery –– what makes it a place you’d want to go to?

People love the fact Boku is essentially an underground restaurant run out of a private residence.  We feature emerging artists for the art exhibit portion of the night; and we’re also a platform for line cooks and sous chefs at the top restaurants in Philadelphia.  I think my hospitality and the space itself are important factors in people coming back for more. However, the food is pretty dope…


Why did you purchase a Slayer?

I fell in love with the brand around the same time I fell in love with the Slayer machine.  I’m a huge gear head, so I like new technology; and Slayer seemed to scratch that itch. I also wanted a machine that would give my baristas control over several different variables.  As I got further into the buying process, it was very clear I bought into the right company.


What makes Slayer different from other manufacturers out there?

The people at Slayer make me really happy I bought one.  I also wanted a machine that most people don’t have, at least not around me.  You can find [other machines] everywhere, but not a Slayer.


What’s the best part of using a Slayer?

Watching the coffee collect during pre-brew.


Do people ever mention the machine when they come in?

Most people are just impressed by the whole coffee set-up. If they saw any machine that size in an apartment, I think they would be impressed.  For those who are deep into the scene, they say, “Shit dude, you got a Slayer!”


How would you describe Slayer in a few words?



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