Monthly Tech Trainings At Slayer Espresso!

Monthly Tech Trainings At Slayer Espresso!

Slayer Espresso now offers Technical Trainings in our Seattle Studio & Showroom , across the country and internationally, on a monthly basis for our valued partners!

Over the span of three days you will learn about the inspiration behind Slayer, machine functions from hydro to electric, preventative maintenance and post PM calibration. Slayer Tech is packed with hands on time and real troubleshooting advice. We’ve also sprinkled in just enough coffee intel to help you make the connections from tech work to the barista’s needs.

Breakfast nibbles, delicious lunches and all the coffee beverages you can drink; provided daily.

If you’d like to host an official Slayer Tech Training in your state (Nationally) or region (Internationally) please reach out on details on how we can partner with you.

To learn more about our tech training schedule and how you can get on it contact:

Team Slayer~


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