May 25th, Slayer TNT: Coastal Kitchen

May 25th, Slayer TNT: Coastal Kitchen

It’s not everyday that a Seattle icon eh’ hem- Coastal Kitchen gets one heck of a coffee bar overhaul.  Join us as we celebrate Coastal Kitchen’s NEW, beautiful custom Slayer. DJ, comfort food nibbles and kegs provided by our host for your enjoyment.


This wild event will be held May 25th, 7PM. You can expect to observe 32 seasoned and geeky barista competitors, in a head to head elimination style, latte art pouring, competition.  There is a $20 buy in to throw down with a BIG cash boosted prize , $500 from Slayer directly paid out to the 1st place winner!

 Virtually sign up to compete or RSVP to attend HERE NOW. 

1st Place WINNER

  • Baratza Virtuoso Grinder
  • Swag

2nd Place

  • CASH
  • Acaia Scale
  • Swag

3rd Place

  • CASH
  • Peruvian Walnut Slayer Tamper

Event Day Details for competitors:

Limit two competitors per company.  Competing baristas must arrive and check in at the door  with i.d. and your confirmation receipt, no substitutes, savies or placeholders. Doors open for all guests at 6:30PM. At this point any additional “no-show” slots will be filled by a walk-in standby list.  Competition starts at 7PM sharp.  Cash and prizes will be awarded the evening of the event.

Complimentary food and brew by the Coastal Kitchen crew, be sure to thank them! * 

Special thanks to our prize partners:

Acaia Scales, Baratza Grinders

Coffee & additional swag provided by:

Caffe Vita, Espresso Parts, Baratza

#slayertnt #customslayer #makecoffeebetter

*Full Bar & Menu options available at Coastal Kitchen outside of the complimentary event food and beverage menu, additional fees apply.

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