Slayer Single Group Sale, Best Gift For Her! Sale Through December 31st!

Slayer Single Group Sale, Best Gift For Her! Sale Through December 31st!

Imagine waking up a little differently December 26th. Step out of bed and into your robe and cozy slippers…just a little stiff from your ambitious 10k (PR and a ribbon to boot!) Leaving the bedroom and heading towards the light at the end of the tunnel, the sun playing peek-a-boo through the kitchen window. A Slayer Single Group beckons, “come brew with me!”

Someone was very nice this year and yes, the gift of coffee is now at your fingertips. Switch on the grinder and immediately the familiar and intoxicating smell of fresh coffee fills the air. Grind, dose, tamp and extract like a boss, in your house slippers. The perfect cortado is now less than 2 minutes from joining you and the Sunday paper at the table. Grab the steam pitcher, dairy fresh whole milk and steam to the perfect temperature and texture. Move the lever back to the right. Espresso’s done.  The milk pitcher now hovering above the cup, the pour begins. A steady flow of milk punctures the crema’s canvas, halfway up the cup’s inner wall you begin a slight back and forth motion with the pitcher and a simple heart magically appears.  

Who said you needed to wait until the coffee shop opened to get coffee this good?  Oh, and don’t worry about losing touch with your barista,  someone still has to curate fresh, specialty coffees for the home espresso bar.

Our Slayer Espresso Single Group Sale is back!  Through December 31st enjoy a $500, Sale 7,999 USD*

Holiday shopping is officially here and we’re bringing back our classic sale for the third year in a row! Our handcrafted Slayer Single Group commercial machine will channel your inner barista and then some. Commercially minded with a respectable footprint, sling drinks like a pro in the comfort of your home or office. Featuring:

  • Dual boilers
  • Commercial Group Cap
  • Patented Needle Valve Flavor Profiling Technology
  • Touch Screen Programming
  • European Ash Wood Brew & Steam Actuators

Why not make it your own? Check out our slick  Slayer Personalizer tool and have a go at customizing your very own espresso machine. Built with exceptional craftsmanship, advanced features, and patented technology this machine will enable you to make coffee better.

Awards: SCAA’s Best New Product Winner

The deal includes our classic Single Group configuration, with black body panels, silver Xs, wooden handles and actuators, best suited for small restaurants, cafes, espresso bars, catering events and ultimate home users. Custom color and finish options available, additional fees and lead times apply.

Outside USA? Contact us directly to find a distributor near you.

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