GET INSPIRED: Explore And Join The Slayer Map Community

GET INSPIRED: Explore And Join The Slayer Map Community

We’re not alone in our craving for new, quality experiences; our cafe partners and roasters continue to provoke innovation for their guests around the world.

The search for new experiences raises an important question: “Where do I go?” We wanted to simplify the discovery process for anyone, anywhere. More importantly, we wanted a platform that encouraged cafes to tell their story — to invite curiosity and exploration across borders.

We now proudly feature the Slayer Map, an interactive selection of Slayer-equipped cafes. You can see it live at, using the Search function to pinpoint your next visit wherever you go.

The Slayer Map is a living index; it’s never too late to join, because there’s never a cutoff. We continue to monitor, modify, and populate locales featuring cafes with Slayer espresso machines.

How do you join the Slayer Map? Complete our short online application available at, which includes these details:

  • Cafe name
  • Cafe address
  • Contact information
  • Links to social media channels
  • Short cafe bio, share a little more about you and your cafe

We’ll then follow up and help you curate 3-5 photo assets that allow your cafe to stand out on our platform. If you have any questions or need assistance, chat with our marketing manager Sarah at

Let’s make new experiences better. Wherever you are, you can find Slayer using the Slayer Map.

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